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/r/neoliberal elects the American Presidents - Part 52, Bush v Gore in 2000

Previous editions:
(All strawpoll results counted as of the next post made)
Part 1, Adams v Jefferson in 1796 - Adams wins with 68% of the vote
Part 2, Adams v Jefferson in 1800 - Jefferson wins with 58% of the vote
Part 3, Jefferson v Pinckney in 1804 - Jefferson wins with 57% of the vote
Part 4, Madison v Pinckney (with George Clinton protest) in 1808 - Pinckney wins with 45% of the vote
Part 5, Madison v (DeWitt) Clinton in 1812 - Clinton wins with 80% of the vote
Part 6, Monroe v King in 1816 - Monroe wins with 51% of the vote
Part 7, Monroe and an Era of Meta Feelings in 1820 - Monroe wins with 100% of the vote
Part 8, Democratic-Republican Thunderdome in 1824 - Adams wins with 55% of the vote
Part 9, Adams v Jackson in 1828 - Adams wins with 94% of the vote
Part 10, Jackson v Clay (v Wirt) in 1832 - Clay wins with 53% of the vote
Part 11, Van Buren v The Whigs in 1836 - Whigs win with 87% of the vote, Webster elected
Part 12, Van Buren v Harrison in 1840 - Harrison wins with 90% of the vote
Part 13, Polk v Clay in 1844 - Polk wins with 59% of the vote
Part 14, Taylor v Cass in 1848 - Taylor wins with 44% of the vote (see special rules)
Part 15, Pierce v Scott in 1852 - Scott wins with 78% of the vote
Part 16, Buchanan v Frémont v Fillmore in 1856 - Frémont wins with 95% of the vote
Part 17, Peculiar Thunderdome in 1860 - Lincoln wins with 90% of the vote.
Part 18, Lincoln v McClellan in 1864 - Lincoln wins with 97% of the vote.
Part 19, Grant v Seymour in 1868 - Grant wins with 97% of the vote.
Part 20, Grant v Greeley in 1872 - Grant wins with 96% of the vote.
Part 21, Hayes v Tilden in 1876 - Hayes wins with 87% of the vote.
Part 22, Garfield v Hancock in 1880 - Garfield wins with 67% of the vote.
Part 23, Cleveland v Blaine in 1884 - Cleveland wins with 53% of the vote.
Part 24, Cleveland v Harrison in 1888 - Harrison wins with 64% of the vote.
Part 25, Cleveland v Harrison v Weaver in 1892 - Harrison wins with 57% of the vote
Part 26, McKinley v Bryan in 1896 - McKinley wins with 71% of the vote
Part 27, McKinley v Bryan in 1900 - Bryan wins with 55% of the vote
Part 28, Roosevelt v Parker in 1904 - Roosevelt wins with 71% of the vote
Part 29, Taft v Bryan in 1908 - Taft wins with 64% of the vote
Part 30, Taft v Wilson v Roosevelt in 1912 - Roosevelt wins with 81% of the vote
Part 31, Wilson v Hughes in 1916 - Hughes wins with 62% of the vote
Part 32, Harding v Cox in 1920 - Cox wins with 68% of the vote
Part 33, Coolidge v Davis v La Follette in 1924 - Davis wins with 47% of the vote
Part 34, Hoover v Smith in 1928 - Hoover wins with 50.2% of the vote
Part 35, Hoover v Roosevelt in 1932 - Roosevelt wins with 85% of the vote
Part 36, Landon v Roosevelt in 1936 - Roosevelt wins with 75% of the vote
Part 37, Willkie v Roosevelt in 1940 - Roosevelt wins with 56% of the vote
Part 38, Dewey v Roosevelt in 1944 - Dewey wins with 50.2% of the vote
Part 39, Dewey v Truman in 1948 - Truman wins with 65% of the vote
Part 40, Eisenhower v Stevenson in 1952 - Eisenhower wins with 69% of the vote
Part 41, Eisenhower v Stevenson in 1956 - Eisenhower wins with 60% of the vote
Part 42, Kennedy v Nixon in 1960 - Kennedy wins with 63% of the vote
Part 43, Johnson v Goldwater in 1964 - Johnson wins with 87% of the vote
Part 44, Nixon v Humphrey in 1968 - Humphrey wins with 60% of the vote
Part 45, Nixon v McGovern in 1972 - Nixon wins with 56% of the vote
Part 46, Carter v Ford in 1976 - Carter wins with 71% of the vote
Part 47 - Carter v Reagan v Anderson in 1980 - Carter wins with 44% of the vote
Part 48, Reagan v Mondale in 1984 - Mondale wins with 55% of the vote
Part 49, Bush v Dukakis in 1988 - Bush wins with 54% of the vote
Part 50, Bush v Clinton v Perot in 1992 - Clinton wins with 71% of the vote
Part 51, Clinton v Dole in 1996 - Clinton wins with 91% of the vote
Welcome back to the fifty-second edition of /neoliberal elects the American presidents!
This will be a fairly consistent weekly thing - every week, a new election, until we run out.
I highly encourage you - at least in terms of the vote you cast - to try to think from the perspective of the year the election was held, without knowing the future or how the next administration would go. I'm not going to be trying to enforce that, but feel free to remind fellow commenters of this distinction.
If you're really feeling hardcore, feel free to even speak in the present tense as if the election is truly upcoming!
Whether third and fourth candidates are considered "major" enough to include in the strawpoll will be largely at my discretion and depend on things like whether they were actually intending to run for President, and whether they wound up actually pulling in a meaningful amount of the popular vote and even electoral votes. I may also invoke special rules in how the results will be interpreted in certain elections to better approximate historical reality.
While I will always give some brief background info to spur the discussion, please don't hesitate to bring your own research and knowledge into the mix! There's no way I'll cover everything!
Al Gore v George Bush, 2000
  • Al Gore is the 52-year-old Democratic candidate and the current Vice President. His running mate is US Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman.
  • George (W.) Bush is the 54-year-old Republican candidate and the Governor of Texas. His running mate is former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.
Issues and Background
  • Roughly two years ago, President Bill Clinton became the first President in over 100 years to be impeached by the House of Representatives. He was eventually acquitted in the Senate. Clinton was accused of grand jury perjury related to his extramarital sexual relationship with 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He was also accused of obstruction of justice. The full report from the independent counsel can be read here.
    • Vice President Gore has said that President Clinton made a mistake, and has even called Clinton's behavior "inexcusable," but has claimed that "the people" want to move on to other issues. Likely aware of some polling evidence that Clinton may be a drag on his numbers, he has distanced himself from the President during the campaign, emphasizing that he is his own man. Stories in papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times regularly describe leaked frustrations from Clinton loyalists and Clinton himself about this distancing. Joint appearances are being minimized. In one of the primary debates, Gore stated:
      As an American who was serving as vice president, I was critical of the president. As an American, I also defended the office of the presidency against an effort by partisan Republicans in the House and Senate to deliver a thoroughly disproportionate penalty for a serious and reprehensible personal mistake on the part of the president. He should not have been removed from office for that offense. And fighting against their efforts to remove him from office and undo the act of the American people in twice electing him, I think I was serving the public interest well.
    • The Bush campaign, and Bush himself, have emphasized that they will bring "honor and dignity" back to the White House. In his convention speech, Vice Presidential nominee Dick Cheney said:
      George W. Bush will repair what has been damaged. He's a man without pretense, without cynicism, a man of principle, a man of honor. On the first hour of the first day, he will restore decency and integrity to the Oval Office.
  • The federal budget is set to be in surplus for the third year in a row this year, and many government agencies and forecasters are expecting well in excess of $1 trillion in total surpluses over the coming decade. Thus, one major election issue is what each candidate will do with this surplus.
    • Governor Bush described his plan for the surplus in the first debate as follows:
      I want to take one-half of the surplus and dedicate it to Social Security. One-quarter of the surplus for important projects, and I want to send one-quarter of the surplus back to the people who pay the bills. I want everybody who pays taxes to have their tax rates cut.
      Vice President Gore's main criticism of the Bush plan has been that because the tax cuts are across the board, a large amount of the surplus dollars will wind up going to the wealthiest Americans. Bush has countered that as President, he doesn't want to be in the business of picking winners and losers when it comes to tax relief.
    • Vice President Gore says that for every $1 of the surplus he will use for tax cuts or new spending, he will use $2 for deficit reduction. Gore intends to set the United States on a path to eliminate the national debt by the year 2012. He also proposes $500 in targeted tax cuts intended to reach low and middle income families. Bush accuses Gore of intending to increase the size of government dramatically, which Gore denies.
  • Just recently, the FDA approved abortion pill RU-486. Governor Bush has said he will respect the FDA's independence, but is concerned this will lead to an increase in abortions. Governor Bush describes himself as pro-life, but says "a lot of good people disagree on the issue" and that the issue is not a litmus test for any potential Supreme Court nominations he could make. He argues there are pro-life objectives that can be accomplished which exist on broader common ground, like parental consent laws on abortion and the banning of "partial-birth abortions." Vice President Gore is pro-choice but says he would be willing to sign a law banning partial-birth abortions "provided that doctors have the ability to save a woman's life or to act if her health is severely at risk."
  • Following US participation through NATO in the Kosovo War and the overthrow of Milosevic in the recent Yugoslavian elections, the United States maintains a presence in the Balkans. Gore supports continued US involvement and support in the region "until the mission is complete," while Bush would like to see a more immediate reprioritization of where some resources are deployed, pending consultation with NATO allies. The New York Times summarizes their differences:
    Mr. Gore is an interventionist, and over the years has repeatedly pressed for more vigorous United States involvement in hot spots around the world, including Bosnia and Kosovo. Mr. Bush denies he is an isolationist, but says United States troops should not be used for nation-building abroad. He would start by bringing home the 11,400 troops in the Balkans, once this country's NATO allies had agreed.
  • Following reforms in the 1980s, the Social Security system is not in particularly dire shape, though the trust fund could eventually run out by the 2030s if no further changes are made. Governor Bush has proposed a dramatic reform of the system which would allow workers to divert 2 percentage points of their 12.4% payroll tax into personal investment accounts. The Gore campaign argues that this plan will mean that the Social Security trust fund will run dry over 10 years earlier than currently expected.
  • Over the next 10 years, Medicare by itself is expected to run significant surpluses. Vice President Gore proposes taking Medicare "off-budget" in the same way as Social Security, putting Medicare funds in a metaphorical "lockbox" so they cannot be used for new spending or new tax cuts.
  • This campaign has seen significant discussion on the topic of education. Unlike other prominent Republicans, Governor Bush does not want to get rid of the Department of Education. He is an ardent advocate for standardized testing and wants to help more states set up such testing. Under Bush's plan, a school which shows poor results for three years in a row will see its students granted the option of a voucher which can be used for tutoring or private school tuition - for each student who chooses a voucher, the school will lose a proportional amount of federal dollars. Gore's plan calls for universal preschool, and for schools which show poor results two years in a row to reorganize with new leadership and even potentially new teachers.
  • The Columbine High School massacre remains on the minds of many. On guns, the main difference between the candidates is that Gore supports licensing for new handguns at the state level, while Bush does not. Gore also supports restoring the three-day waiting period under the Brady Law. Both candidates support instant background checks at gun shows. Governor Bush argues for greater enforcement of existing laws and raising the age when one can carry a handgun from 18 to 21. For Columbine specifically, Gore argues that some gun control measures could have possibly prevented the school shooting. In contrast, Governor Bush argues "it's really a matter of culture," that "somewhere along the line we've begun to disrespect life."
  • A few years ago, Vice President Gore helped broker the Kyoto Protocol/Treaty, an international commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement was signed by the Clinton Administration but effectively killed by the Senate via a resolution that strongly signaled they would refuse to ratify it. Governor Bush says global warming is "an issue that we need to take very seriously," but also says, "I don't think we know the solution to global warming yet," and that we need to have "the full accounting, full understanding of what's taking place."
  • Just days before the election, it has come out that 24 years ago, Bush was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Bush says that the report is true, but argues that he has always been candid and remorseful about the fact that in his youth, he occasionally drank too much. Asked about why he had not previously disclosed this particular incident, he said he did not want his daughters to find out and for it to undermine his parenting.
Debate Excerpts
Quotations in excerpt titles refer to moderator's prompt, block quotations are from named candidate(s).
First Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Bush on whether he would "try to overturn the FDA's approval last week of the abortion pill RU-486":
I don't think a president can do that. I was disappointed in the ruling because I think abortions ought to be more rare in America, and I'm worried that that pill will create more abortions and cause more people to have abortions. This is a very important topic and it's a very sensitive topic, because a lot of good people disagree on the issue. I think what the next president ought to do is to promote a culture of life in America ... I know we need to change a lot of minds before we get there in America. What I do believe is that we can find good, common ground on issues of parental consent or parental notification. I know we need to ban partial birth abortions. This is a place where my opponent and I have strong disagreement.
(2) Gore on the budget:
I think that we have got to balance the budget every single year, pay down the national debt and, in fact, under my proposal the national debt will be completely eliminated by the year 2012. I think we need to put Medicare and Social Security in a lockbox. The governor will not put Medicare in a lockbox. I don't think it should be used as a piggy bank for other programs. I think it needs to be moved out of the budget and protected. I'll veto anything that takes money out of Social Security or Medicare for anything other than Social Security or Medicare.
(3) Bush on "nation-building":
The vice president and I have a disagreement about the use of troops. He believes in nation building. I would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders. I believe the role of the military is to fight and win war and therefore prevent war from happening in the first place. So I would take my responsibility seriously. And it starts with making sure we rebuild our military power. Morale in today's military is too low. We're having trouble meeting recruiting goals. We met the goals this year, but in the previous years we have not met recruiting goals. Some of our troops are not well-equipped. I believe we're overextended in too many places. And therefore I want to rebuild the military power. It starts with a billion dollar pay raise for the men and women who wear the uniform. A billion dollars more than the president recently signed into law.
(4) Gore on education:
We agree on a couple of things on education. I strongly support new accountability, so does Governor Bush. I strongly support local control, so does Governor Bush. I'm in favor of testing as a way of measuring performance. Every school and every school district, have every state test the children. I've also proposed a voluntary national test in the fourth grade and eighth grade, and a form of testing the governor has not endorsed. I think that all new teachers ought to be tested, including in the subjects that they teach. We've got to recruit 100,000 new teachers. And I have budgeted for that. We've got to reduce the class size so that the student who walks in has more one-on-one time with the teacher. We ought to have universal pre-school and we ought to make college tuition tax deductible, up to $10,000 a year.
(5) Bush on what he would do in the event of a financial crisis:
Well, it depends, obviously. But what I would do first and foremost, is I would get in touch with the Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, to find out all the facts and all the circumstances. I would have my Secretary of the Treasury be in touch with the financial centers not only here, but at home. I would make sure that key members of Congress were called in to discuss the gravity of the situation. And I would come up with a game plan to deal with it. That's what governors end up doing. We end up being problem solvers. We come up with practical, common sense solutions for problems that we're confronted with. In this case, in the case of a financial crisis, I would gather all the facts before I made the decision as to what the government ought or ought not to do.
(6) Gore on campaign finance reform:
And that's one of the reasons I've said before, and I'll pledge here tonight, if I'm president, the very first bill that Joe Lieberman and I will send to the United States Congress is the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. And the reason it's that important is that all of the other issues, whether prescription drugs for all seniors that are opposed by the drug companies or the patient's bill of rights to take the decisions away from the HMOs and give them to the doctors and nurses, opposed by the HMOs and insurance companies, all these other proposals are going to be a lot easier to get passed for the American people if we limit the influence of special interest money and give democracy back to the American people.
Vice-Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Cheney on Iraq (full moderator question included):
MODERATOR: This question is for you, Mr. Secretary. If Iraq's president Saddam Hussein were found to be developing weapons of mass destruction, Governor Bush has said he would, quote, "Take him out." Would you agree with such a deadly policy?
CHENEY: We might have no other choice. We'll have to see if that happens. The thing about Iraq, of course, was at the end of the war we had pretty well decimated their military. We had put them back in the box, so to speak ... Unfortunately now we find ourselves in a situation where that started to fray on us, where the coalition now no longer is tied tightly together ...The Russians and French are flying commercial airliners back into Baghdad and thumbing their nose at the international sanctions regime. We're in a situation today where our posture with Iraq is weaker than it was at the end of the war. It's unfortunate. I also think it's unfortunate we find ourselves in a position where we don't know for sure what might be transpiring inside Iraq. I certainly hope he's not regenerating that kind of capability, but if he were, if in fact Saddam Hussein were taking steps to try to rebuild nuclear capability or weapons of mass destruction, you would have to give very serious consideration to military action to -- to stop that activity. I don't think you can afford to have a man like Saddam Hussein with nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
(2) Lieberman on whether gays and lesbians should have "all the constitutional rights enjoyed by every American citizen":
The question you pose is a difficult one for this reason. It confronts or challenges the traditional notion of marriage as being limited to a heterosexual couple, which I support. I must say I'm thinking about this, because I have friends who are in gay and lesbian partnerships who said to me, isn't it fair. We don't have legal rights to inheritance, visitation when one partner is ill, to health care benefits. That's why I'm thinking about it. My mind is open to taking some action that will address those elements of unfairness while respecting the traditional religious and civil institution of marriage.
(3) Cheney on the same question as above:
This is a tough one, Bernie. The fact of the matter is we live in a free society, and freedom means freedom for everybody. We shouldn't be able to choose and say you get to live free and you don't. That means people should be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to enter into. It's no one's business in terms of regulating behavior in that regard. The next step then, of course, is the question you ask of whether or not there ought to be some kind of official sanction of the relationships or if they should be treated the same as a traditional marriage. That's a tougher problem. That's not a slam dunk. The fact of the matter is that matter is regulated by the states. I think different states are likely to come to different conclusions, and that's appropriate.
(4) Lieberman on Hollywood:
Al Gore and I have felt for a long time, first as parents and then only second as public officials, that we cannot let America's parents stand alone in this competition that they feel they're in with Hollywood to raise their own kids and give their kids the faith and values they want to give them. I've been a consistent crusader on that behalf. John McCain and I actually requested the Federal Trade Commission report that came out three or four weeks ago which proved conclusively that the entertainment industry was marketing adult-rated products to our children. That is just not acceptable. One finding was that they were actually using 10 to 12-year-olds to test screen adult-rated products. When that report came out, Al Gore and I said to the entertainment industry, stop it.
Second Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Bush on whether our country's wealth brings "with it special obligations to the rest of the world":
Yes, it does. Take, for example, Third World debt. I think we ought to be forgiving Third World debt under certain conditions. I think, for example, if we're convinced that a Third World country that's got a lot of debt would reform itself, that the money wouldn't go into the hands of a few but would go to help people, I think it makes sense for us to use our wealth in that way, or to trade debt for valuable rain forest lands, makes that much sense, yes. We do have an obligation, but we can't be all things to all people. We can help build coalitions but we can't put our troops all around the world.
(2) Gore on Iraq:
I was one of the few members of my political party to support former President Bush in the Persian Gulf War resolution, and at the end of that war, for whatever reason, it was not finished in a way that removed Saddam Hussein from power. I know there are all kinds of circumstances and explanations. But the fact is that that's the situation that was left when I got there. And we have maintained the sanctions. Now I want to go further. I want to give robust support to the groups that are trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein, and I know there are allegations that they're too weak to do it, but that's what they said about the forces that were opposing Milosevic in Serbia, and you know, the policy of enforcing sanctions against Serbia has just resulted in a spectacular victory for democracy just in the past week...
(3) Bush on Serbia:
I think it's a triumph. I thought the president made the right decision in joining NATO and bombing Serbia. I supported them when they did so. I called upon the Congress not to hamstring the administration, and in terms of forcing troop withdrawals on a timetable that wasn't necessarily in our best interest or fit our nation's strategy, and so I think it's good public policy, I think it worked, and I'm pleased I took -- made the decision I made. I'm pleased the president made the decision he made. Because freedom to go in that part of the world, and where there's a lot of work left to be done, however.
(4) Gore exchange with moderator on eight major interventions of the last 20 years:
MODERATOR: the last 20 years there have been eight major actions that involved the introduction of U.S. ground, air or naval forces. Let me name them. Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Kosovo. If you had been president for any of those interventions, would any of those interventions not have happened? GORE: Can you run through the list again? MODERATOR: Sure. Lebanon. GORE: I thought that was a mistake. MODERATOR: Grenada. GORE: I supported that. MODERATOR: Panama. GORE: I supported that. MODERATOR: Persian Gulf. GORE: Yes, I voted for it, supported it. MODERATOR: Somalia. GORE: Of course, and that again -- no, I think that that was ill-considered. I did support it at the time. It was in the previous administration, in the Bush-Quayle administration, and I think in retrospect the lessons there are ones that we should take very, very seriously. MODERATOR: Bosnia. GORE: Oh, yes. MODERATOR: Haiti. GORE: Yes. MODERATOR: And then Kosovo. GORE: Yes.
(5) Gore on "nation-building":
This idea of nation building is kind of a pejorative phrase, but think about the great conflict of the past century, World War II. During the years between World War I and World War II, a great lesson was learned by our military leaders and the people of the United States. The lesson was that in the aftermath of World War I, we kind of turned our backs and left them to their own devices and they brewed up a lot of trouble that quickly became World War II. And acting upon that lesson in the aftermath of our great victory in World War II, we laid down the Marshall Plan, President Truman did. We got intimately involved in building NATO and other structures there. We still have lots of troops in Europe. And what did we do in the late '40's and '50's and '60's? We were nation building. And it was economic. But it was also military. And the confidence that those countries recovering from the wounds of war had by having troops there. We had civil administrators come in to set up their ways of building their towns back.
Third Presidential Debate (Town Hall) (full transcript)
(1) Bush on health care:
I'm absolutely opposed to a national health care plan. I don't want the federal government making decisions for consumers or for providers. I remember what the administration tried to do in 1993. They tried to have a national health care plan. And fortunately, it failed. I trust people, I don't trust the federal government. It's going to be one of the themes you hear tonight. I don't want the federal government making decisions on behalf of everybody.
(2) Gore on the estate tax:
I'm for a massive reform of the estate tax or the death tax. And under the plan that I've proposed, 80% of all family farms will be completely exempt from the estate tax. And the vast majority of all family businesses would be completely exempt, and all of the others would have sharply reduced. So 80% -- now the problem with completely eliminating it goes back to the wealthiest 1%. The amount of money that has to be raised in taxes for middle-class families to make up for completely eliminating that on the very wealthiest, the billionaires, that would be an extra heavy burden on middle-class families. And so let's do it for most all, but not completely eliminate it for the very top.
(3) Bush on morality and protecting children:
You bet there's things that government can do. We can work with the entertainment industry to provide family hour. We can have filters on Internets where public money is spent. There ought to be filters in public libraries and filters in public schools so if kids get on the Internet, there is not going to be pornography or violence coming in. I think we ought to have character education in our schools. I know that doesn't directly talk about Hollywood, but it does reinforce the values you're teaching.
(4) Gore on morality and protecting children:
I've been involved myself in negotiating and helping to move along the negotiations with the Internet service providers to get a parents' protection page every time 95% of the pages come up. And a feature that allows parents to automatically check with one click what sites your kids have visited lately.
Read the full 2000 Republican platform here.
Read the full 2000 Democratic platform here.
Internet Resources
Bush/Cheney Website
Gore/Lieberman Website
First Presidential Debate
Vice-Presidential Debate
Second Presidential Debate
Third Presidential Debate (Town Hall)
Bush personal responsibility ad
Bush education ad
RNC prescription drugs ad
Gore anti-Bush energy ad
Gore anti-Bush Social Security ad
Gore "keep the faith" ad
SNL's Gore v Bush Debate
(Okay here's the real poll, vote here)
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Lost in the Sauce: DHS hides intelligence that reveals Trump using Russia's playbook, again

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.

Trump’s playbook is Russia’s playbook

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in July withheld an intelligence bulletin warning of a Russian plot to spread misinformation regarding Joe Biden's mental health. The bulletin, titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of U.S. Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,” was blocked by the office of acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf on July 9.
  • The bulletin states that analysts had “high confidence” in their conclusion. However, a DHS spokesperson tried to defend the “delay” in issuing the document by saying it did not meet the agency’s standards. This is curious because just a week later, on July 16, DHS circulated a bulletin on anarchists in Portland that officers admitted they had “low confidence” in. Why was the Russia memo held back but the Portland one released?
  • Trump has been pushing the same line of attack against Biden for months - yet another instance of Russia and Trump operating from the same playbook. For instance, in March Trump said there was “something going on” with Biden; in June Trump ran selectively edited ads asserting that Biden is “unfit to serve as Commander in Chief”; last month Trump ran a digital ad portraying Biden as perpetually confused and mentally unstable. Most recently, Trump said questions about his own health are only in the news because “they want to try and get me to be on Biden's physical level."
DHS is just the latest agency in the Trump administration to erode election security, following actions by the Justice Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) last month. DNI John Ratcliffe announced he was ending in-person congressional briefings on election security ahead of November and AG Bill Barr removed a leading career official at the Justice Department’s national security division, replacing him with an inexperienced political appointee.
The ODNI’s decision to halt congressional election briefs may have been influenced by top White House officials. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, among others, have repeatedly discussed in meetings with staff and with Trump “how to restrict and control the flow of information on such sensitive topics to Capitol Hill.”
One White House official told The Daily Beast that Meadows has for months been wary of the type of briefings on Capitol Hill that Democratic sources can potentially use to try to make Trump look bad through surreptitious leaks to media outlets.
Meanwhile, interim Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio (R-FL) said last week that his committee will be granted an exception to the ODNI’s new policy and continue to receive in-person briefings from top U.S. intelligence officials about election-security issues. This essentially means that only Democrat-led committees have been cut out of the process ensuring election security.
House Democrats wrote to Ratcliffe insinuating if his office does not provide the previously scheduled briefings this month they will issue subpoenas and/or defund the ODNI in the appropriations bill due by the end of the month. Read the letter here.
In addition to attacks on Biden’s health, DHS has determined that Russia is seeking to “amplify” concerns over the integrity of U.S. elections by promoting allegations that mail-in voting will lead to widespread fraud. Intelligence analysts say this strategy has been underway since at least March, coinciding with Trump’s own assaults on mail-in voting.
  • For instance, in March Trump said if he agreed to funding vote-by-mail expansions in the first coronavirus stimulus bill, the U.S. would see “levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again” (clip). Fact check: Neither party has historically benefited. On April 7, at the White House press briefing, Trump claimed: "Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country, because they're cheaters… They're fraudulent in many cases" (clip). Fact check: There is no evidence that mail ballots are dangerous or fraudulent.
At a White House press briefing on Friday, Trump denied there is any proof that Russia poisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Instead of backing the German government's analysis of Nalvany's illness, Trump then redirected the criticism from Russia to China (clip).
"I don't know exactly what happened. I think it's tragic. It's terrible; it shouldn't happen. We haven't had any proof yet, but I will take a look. It is interesting that everybody is always mentioning Russia - and I don't mind you mentioning Russia - but I think probably China, at this point, is a nation that you should be talking about much more so than Russia. Because the things that China's doing are far worse.”
Trump then went on to say he’s “taken stronger action against Russia than any other country in the world,” but added “I do get along with President Putin” (clip).
  • RELATED: Leaked notes obtained by the Telegraph say that when Theresa May asked for Trump to take a strong stand after Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal, Trump replied “I’d rather follow than lead.” He pushed May to “put together a coalition” first.
The Trump administration plans to deport a Russian national living in America, a move experts say is in response to a politically motivated request by Russia. Gregory Duralev was persecuted by the Russian state for exposing corruption. He fled to America and applied for asylum in 2015. While waiting for a decision on his application, he was arrested by ICE and jailed for nearly 18 months. His case is now in court.
“DHS has acted no better than the Russian authorities,” Duralev said. “They simply fabricated charges against me for violations I never committed — and if DHS can trump up charges against immigrants with impunity, nobody can guarantee they won’t start doing it” to regular Americans. “So that’s the main message I now hope to send.”

Michael Cohen & Peter Strzok

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok has a book coming out called “Compromised.” In it, he alleges that FBI investigators came to believe it was “conceivable, if unlikely” that Russia was secretly controlling President Trump after he took office:
“We certainly had evidence that this was the case: that Trump, while gleefully wreaking havoc on America’s political institutions and norms, was pulling his punches when it came to our historic adversary, Russia,” Strzok writes. “Given what we knew or had cause to suspect about Trump’s compromising behavior in the weeks, months, and years leading up to the election, moreover, it also seemed conceivable, if unlikely, that Moscow had indeed pulled off the most stunning intelligence achievement in human history: secretly controlling the president of the United States — a Manchurian candidate elected.”
He now says he doesn’t believe that Trump is literally a Russian spy: “I don’t think that Trump, when he meets with Putin, receives a task list for the next quarter,” Strzok said, referencing the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “But I do think the president is compromised, that he is unable to put the interests of our nation first, that he acts from hidden motives, because there is leverage over him, held specifically by the Russians but potentially others as well.”
In an interview with Politico, Strzok confirms that he and then-deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, opened a counterintelligence case on the president, but that it likely was never pursued. Two weeks ago, NYT reported that Rosenstein secretly closed it.
As if there weren’t enough political books coming out this summefall, Michael Cohen is releasing his, called “Disloyal: A Memoir.” The following a couple of quick takeaways:
Cohen says that he, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, and others, watched a strip show in Las Vegas where one performer simulated peeing on another performer, who pretended to drink it. Trump reportedly reacted with “delight.” Aras Agalarov, a Russian real estate mogul, is a trusted associate of Putin and reportedly served as a liaison between Trump and the Russian president during Trump’s trip to Moscow.
On Russia, Cohen writes that the cause behind Trump’s admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin is simpler than many of his critics assume. Above all, he writes, Trump loves money — and he wrongly identified Putin as “the richest man in the world by a multiple.” Trump loved Putin, Cohen wrote, because the Russian leader had the ability “to take over an entire nation and run it like it was his personal company — like the Trump Organization, in fact.”
...According to Cohen, Trump’s sycophantic praise of the Russian leader during the 2016 campaign began as a way to suck up and ensure access to the oligarch’s money after he lost the election. But he claims Trump came to understand that Putin’s hatred of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, dating to her support for the 2011 protest movement in Russia, could also help Trump amass more power in the United States.

USPS & mail voting

According to a Washington Post report yesterday, Postmaster Louis DeJoy engaged in campaign money laundering, also called a straw-donor scheme, at his former logistics business. Five of his former employees told WaPo that they were “urged” to donate to politicians in North Carolina and would be paid back through bonuses from DeJoy. Such a plan would allow DeJoy to illegally circumvent campaign donation limits.
“Louis was a national fundraiser for the Republican Party. He asked employees for money. We gave him the money, and then he reciprocated by giving us big bonuses,” said David Young, DeJoy’s longtime director of human resources, who had access to payroll records at New Breed from the late 1990s to 2013 and is now retired.
“He would ask employees to make contributions at the same time that he would say, ‘I’ll get it back to you down the road,’ ” said [another] former employee.
...A Washington Post analysis of federal and state campaign finance records found a pattern of extensive donations by New Breed employees to Republican candidates, with the same amount often given by multiple people on the same day. Between 2000 and 2014, 124 individuals who worked for the company together gave more than $1 million to federal and state GOP candidates. Many had not previously made political donations, and have not made any since leaving the company, public records show.
More than one million mail-in ballots were sent late to voters during the 2020 primary elections, an audit by the USPS IG’s office determined. Most of the ballots were late, the USPS says, because local election boards sent the ballots to voters at the last minute. Official press release.
[The audit] found the problems during primaries had been most pronounced in Kentucky and New York, where a combined 628,000 ballots were sent out late. In 17 states, the audit found, more than 589,000 ballots were sent from election boards to voters after the state’s ballot mailing deadline. In 11 states, more than 44,000 ballots were sent from election boards to voters the day of or the day before the state’s primary election.
One particularly troubling situation, auditors found, unfolded in Pennsylvania, where 500 ballots were sent to voters the day after the election.
Furthermore, only 13% of the ballots were mailed with the recommended bar code tracking technology.
Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) was blocked from attending two scheduled tours of USPS facilities last week. Local Postal Service officials informed her and union leaders waiting to accompany her into the building that national USPS leadership had directed them to bar the group from the building. A Postal Service spokeswoman said they simply needed more notice for a tour.
Many states, including important battleground states, are not legally permitted to process mail-in/absentee ballots until Election Day, leading to concern that results will be delayed by days or weeks. For instance, in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan election officials cannot even begin processing ballots until Election Day. Processing involves opening envelopes, flattening ballots to run through the scanning machine, and prepping for the scanning.
"When voters have to wait so long for results, it erodes trust in the process and leaves room for partisan bad actors to dispute the will of the people," said Amber McReynolds, CEO of the National Vote at Home Institute, a nonprofit organization.
AG Bill Barr made three stunning false claims about mail voting during an interview with Wolf Blitzer last week. First, Barr wouldn’t even acknowledge that voting twice is a crime - because just hours earlier, Trump encouraged his North Carolina supporters to vote twice to “test” the state’s mail-in voting system (clip).
BLITZER: It sounds like he’s encouraging people to break the law and try to vote twice.
BARR: It seems to me what he’s saying is, he’s trying to make the point that the ability to monitor this system is not good. And it was so good, if you tried to vote a second time you would be caught if you voted in person.
BLITZER: That would be illegal if they did that. If somebody mailed in a ballot and then actually showed up to vote in person, that would be illegal.
BARR: "I don't know what the law in the particular state says.”
BLITZER: You can’t vote twice.
BARR: "I don't know what the law in the particular state says.”
Then, Barr tried to assert that foreign countries could fake ballots, but when challenged he admitted he had no evidence (clip).
BLITZER: You’ve said you were worried that a foreign country could send thousands of fake ballots, thousands of fake ballots to people that it might be impossible to detect. What are you basing that on?
BARR: I’m basing — as I’ve said repeatedly, I’m basing that on logic.
BLITZER: Pardon?
BARR: Logic.
Finally, Barr cited a supposed incident of mail-in voting fraud in Texas. Too bad it doesn’t exist.

The payroll

Charles Rettig, the Trump-appointed IRS Commissioner who has refused to release President Trump’s tax returns, has made hundreds of thousands of dollars renting out Trump properties while in office. Rettig makes $100,000 - $200,000 a year from two units at Trump International Waikiki. When first nominated, Rettig failed to disclose his financial ties to Trump Waikiki. When questioned by Congress, he did not directly answer concerns about the properties.
CREW: With Trump’s name removed from some buildings as it began to hurt property values, we can only imagine how toxic it would become if a bombshell in his tax returns were released. Which means the IRS Commissioner has a vested interest in the success of the Trump brand—and of preventing anything that could damage it.
Voice of America staffers say Trump appointee Michael Pack is threatening to wash away legal protections intended to insulate their news reports from political meddling. Since arriving, Pack has fired the network's leaders, pushed out agency executives, refused to approve allotted budgets, and refused to renew visas for foreign employees.
  • Further reading: “Deleted Biden video sets off a crisis at Voice of America,” Politico.
Pack suggested the staff he fired and foreign journalists he essentially kicked out may have been foreign spies, without offering any evidence to support his claim. A group of 14 senior VOA journalists are openly disputing his explanation:
“Mr. Pack has made a thin excuse that his actions are meant to protect national security, but just as was the case with the McCarthy ‘Red Scare,’ which targeted VOA and other government organizations in the mid-1950s, there has not been a single demonstrable case of any individual working for VOA — as the USAGM CEO puts it — ‘posing as a spy,’ ” they wrote.
The White House is searching for a replacement for Federal Trade Commission Chair Joe Simons, a Republican who has publicly resisted President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on social media companies. Simons, a veteran antitrust lawyer, cannot legally be removed by the president except in cases of gross negligence. But the White House has already interviewed at least one candidate for the post.
  • RELATED: The Justice Department plans to bring an antitrust case against Google as soon as this month, after Attorney General William P. Barr overruled career lawyers who said they needed more time to build a strong case.
Richard Grenell, formerly the highest-ranking out gay official in the Trump administration, has joined a law firm founded by Pat Robertson that has a history of opposing LGBTQ+ rights. Grenell also recently joined the Republican National Committee to do outreach to LGBTQ+ voters.
The Trump administration has quietly named a new acting State Department inspector general. Matthew Klimow, the U.S. ambassador to Turkmenistan since mid-2019, is the third acting IG since Trump and Pompeo ousted Senate-confirmed IG Steve Linick in May.
Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s current special envoy to Northern Ireland, former Chief of Staff, and former acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is starting a hedge fund focused on financial services regulation. Ethics experts say Mulvaney explicitly using his knowledge of CFPB to place bets for and against companies gives him an unfair and perhaps illegal advantage.

Court and DOJ matters

Court cases
The Trump administration must, for now, stop winding down in-person counting efforts for the 2020 census, a federal judge in California ordered.
The three-judge panel hearing a challenge to Trump’s new anti-immigrant census policy seemed hostile to the government’s arguments in a hearing last week.
A federal judge has stopped the Trump administration from enforcing a rule change that would let health care providers deny medical services to LGBTQ patients on the grounds of religion.
Justice Department
Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy in connection with efforts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign interests. Broidy helped raise millions for Donald Trump’s election and the Republican Party.
Barr ordered another round of changes to FISA rules, tightening the use of government surveillance on political candidates or their staffers — a move conservatives will likely cheer, as they have long criticized how the FBI investigated the Trump campaign in 2016.
Before conducting physical searches or wiretaps of a federal election official, members of the official's staff, candidates for federal office, or their staff or advisers, the FBI must now consider giving them a "defensive briefing," to tell them that they could be the target of foreign influence.
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Best Book Sites For NFL

Looking to see what everyone's favorite book site is and why they prefer it, or if others on the sub are using multiples and why they choose to split their books.
I just got into NFL betting to shake the season up and have been having a great time so far! After some research on this sub, I decided to go with Bovada as my main book and have been fairly happy with it so far but I am willing to expand my betting if there are better sites.
For some pretext, I am betting on a small scale, about $200 to play with for the season. Below are some key things I look for in an online betting site:
o Odds based on (or close to) Vegas odds
o Able to use Bitcoin (though not opposed to strait debit)
o Wide variety of betting options per game + live betting
o Hassel free withdraws
o Bonus betting cash (Being new to online betting, I am eager to take advantage of any offers for free bets or incentives for new members)
I realize a preferred book is heavily dependant on personal preference so all points of view are welcome and greatly appreciated.
BOL this Sunday!
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Pph - Non Ref
A much better paid freelancing website! This is a UK based freelancer website, there is less work going but the work going is much higher paid. Gigs often have a £50 or so minimum. I've landed lots of regular graphic design and illustration work here, and it's not very competitive. I randomly got kicked off this site for no reason, and found the new approval process very difficult. You have to get awarded over 5 jobs in 2 months so stay on which is hard with the quantity of jobs going.
Upwork - Non Ref
A mid range freelancing website. Lots of work going here, and not super competitive either. However, this website used to give you a certain amount of bids for free per month (which was great!) and now no longer offers this. So you have to pay for every bid, which really adds up! Especially as most of the gigs only pay around $15-30.
Fiverr - Ref
Non Ref
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Micro tasking
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Website Testing
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Creative Type?
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Printful - Ref NON Ref
This website is awesome, if you make graphics/illustrations this is a site you should know about. It's a POD (Print On Demand) company, they basically help you make super realistic mockups and ship out your products as they are ordered. They even make it look like you shipped it! You don't need to hold any stock and don't have to invest a penny! You will need a shop front though, like Etsy - (use that link to sign up for 40 free listings!) or shopify. With no social media, but well optimized etsy listings I easily make about £50 a month (profit) from these products.
Tee Spring - Non Ref
If you make designs take a look at Tee Spring. I talk about Etsy below, which offers a huge amount of potential free traffic but costs a little per month. If you are looking for a free alternative to sell your designs then teespring is the way to go. You can list as many products as you like, choose your profit margins and voila! You have a working free shop.
Creative Market - Non Ref
If you make any sort of digital products ... graphics, web design, fonts, or even stock imagery check out creative market. It's a high end website (you have to get approved to sell) where you can sell all sorts of bits and bobs! The website gets reasonable amount of traffic and sales. It doesn't cost a penny to sell, but they take a 50% commission which is huuuuuge. I don't mind though as you can list your products and leave it. I don't make much here, but about $20 a month here for no work isn't so bad.
Etsy - Ref NON Ref
Etsy is my favourite way to make money online. I've been selling on this site for over 10 years! Ive made over 40k in sales to date. You can sell anything handmade on this website, it gets millions of hits per day and almost everyone browsing is looking to buy something. It may be a little saturated now and hard to have your listings found, but I still think it's the best place to sell just about anything (especially if it's on the more expensive end of things). If you use the link above to open your shop you will get 40 free listings!
Swagbucks - Ref Non Ref
A very famous one, but a phone app which enables you to do all sorts of offers, surveys, etc. to earn swag bucks which you can exchange for gift cards. Sometimes has some well paid gigs on here.
Qmee - Ref Non Ref
This is a little browser addon/website which basically pays you to search the web and click their relevant adds. They pay 5 or 10p per add, but it adds up very quickly. You can cash out to paypay immediately which is great. They also offer very badly paid surveys which I wouldn't recommence. Grab a 50p bonus when you sign up via the link!
20cogs - Ref NON Ref
This is a great UK website I found, you basically complete 20 offers (some are a bit spammy fortunately) which pay about £5-15 each. When you complete 20 offers you can cash out into your bank account. I made £150 but the cashouts average from £150-500. Grab a £10 bonus when you sign up via the link!
Oh my dosh - Ref Non Ref
Similar to 20cogs but pays a little less per offer and you can cash out at £10! Grab a £2 bonus when you sign up via the link
Neilsen mobile - NON ref
An app I discovered the other day, you install it and it tracks your Internet use in the background. I've made about £10 over 4 months which is fine by me for no work at all!
Fatlama - Ref Non Ref
If you have anything worth renting fatlama is great! From instruments to scanners you can rent all kinds of cool things! It allows you to make money from stuff that you already own and is mainly sat around. I've not had huge success with this but I don't live in London (as everything is pickup), but some people do super well.
Matched betting - Ref NON ref
Something I used to do, You can easily make 2k working through all the joining offers of various gambling companies. However, after this I didn't find it super worth my time. Profit accumulator is a must if you are interested in this! They offer a 14 day free trial if that's ya thing! - Ref Non Ref
A new addition of mine... This app tracks your steps and literally pays you to walk. If you excercise lots you can earn over $1 a day passively!
This a shortened version of a blog post of mine found here
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Merry Early Christmas! - Daily Prompts September 2020

For the rest of the month, I'm going to share holiday-inspired prompts I came up with and you can respond to as many as you want to. In any order. At any time. I hope you enjoy.
Date | Fandom | “Title” | Rating | Wordcount | Link (optional)
September 1st: SHAZAM! - Which is better? Being a kid or being an adult? Write an excerpt about a character (or more than one) exploring this question in some way. (300 words)
September 2nd: Yippee Ki-Yay, Mr. Falcon! - Airports can be annoying. Your character is at one and something is really ruining their day. What is it? (258 words)
September 3rd: The Snow Way Out Trilogy - Your character is feeling trapped. They want out. Is anyone gonna help? Can they handle this themselves? (300 words)
September 4th: BRILLIANT! - You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism! OH! Why didn’t I think of that?! Anyway, here’s the prompt. Some ideas, like trying to steal Christmas, are awful. However, the idea your character has is a great one. (200 words)
September 5th: Christmas Cookies, Sugar - Today’s prompt isn’t actually about cookies, it’s about stars. That word means a lot of things. It’s another word for “celebrities,” it’s a shape, it’s a weapon used by ninja,it’s Dallas’s NHL team, it’s a thing up in space, and it’s even a sea creature. Which kind of star is your excerpt gonna be about? (100 words)
September 6th: Santy Claus is almost here. Oh, me so excited for Christmas! Me can hardly control meself! Ooh! COOKIES! - I honestly don’t like Twas The Night Before Christmas. I think it’s outdated and kind of annoying. Despite that, I watch Cookie Monster recite it every year. So, the theme for today’s prompt is hypocrisy. One of your characters has done something hypocritical. What was it and what’s gonna happen as a result? Does your character have a good reason for being this way? (200 words)
September 7th: The owner of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs - There’s more holidays near the end of the year than just Christmas. There’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, certain people’s birthdays, and maybe some more I didn’t think of. Pick one and write an excerpt set during it, or at least about some element of it. (300 words)
September 8th: Happy Birthday! - Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, but let’s not stereotype all snowpeople. They deserve some more diverse representation in pop culture. Write an excerpt about snow coming to life (but not necessarily in a literal sense). (100 words)
September 9th: I’m The Holiday Armadillo! - Improvising can be very useful and important at times. How’s your character improvising today? Are they also adapting and overcoming, by any chance? (300 words)
September 10th: Don’t forget the European exclusive on the PS2! No! - Ooh! An unexpected visitor! Who is it? Are they welcome here? What are they gonna do? (200 words)
September 11th: A GIANT CHRISTMAS WALNUT! - All of a sudden, your character finds something awesome when they weren’t even trying to. What is it? What’s it gonna do for them? Most importantly, will it help a baby they happen to come across have a special firstest Christmas? (500 words)
September 12th: Christmas Who? - “Who” is the key word here today. Your character is meeting or learning about someone for the first time. Is this someone important or just somebody random? If it’s the second thing I said, will they become important? Also, don’t eat me cookie dough. (200 words)
September 13th: Black Christmas! - It’s time to get scary! Take that however you want. It can be a horror scene, someone pulling a prank, someone worried they’re about to get a Game Over in a really hard video game, or anything else you think is frightening. (400 words)
September 14th: A hideous gadget that I’ll never use! - Lying is bad. Very bad. In today’s excerpt, your character is choosing to be honest, like they should. Jolly Sluzzle Tag! (200 words)
September 15th: WHY WEREN’T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE?! - Your character is getting berated by someone today. Will it be because they’re being picked on for some abnormality about their body? Will it be they’re being yelled at for not coming to something important? Something else entirely? Your choice. Will there be anyone there to make them feel better? I hope. Also, for real, why weren’t you at elf practice? (300 words)
September 16th: Even The Easter Bunny started given 'em 'til Santa slapped him with a lawsuit. - Time to tell a story within a story. Your character has something important to tell the others. What is it? Bonus points if they HI-LARIOUSLY fall down in some way before they get to finish. (500 words)
September 17th: Haha! Two movies in one prompt! - Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. Small is also good at times. In today’s excerpt, something has somehow become bigger, causing some issue. (200 words)
September 18th: NOW BRING US SOME FIGGY PUDDING! - Someone is starting to get demanding. What do they want, who are they asking for it from, and are they gonna get it? (200 words)
September 19th: And I go back to December! - Lots of people have something that makes them think about the holiday season even though it wouldn’t for most people. Maybe your family has a tradition of having lasagna on Thanksgiving. Maybe there’s a certain movie you saw for the first time on Christmas Day. Either write an excerpt about what your unusual holiday thing is or have your characters talk about theirs. If you don’t want it to be about a holiday, simply doing something at an unusual time works too. (100 words)
September 20th: I love this movie, but it doesn’t have any memorable lines. - Has your character ever felt underappreciated? Well, they are today. What’s making them feel this way? Is it jealousy? Also, this is the prompt because it’s the premise of the movie and most definitely not at all a joke about how I think it’s underrated. (300 words)
September 21st: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Love and excitement. In today’s prompt, your character is excited about something that they love. So much so that they might even sing a song about it, maybe? (100 words)
September 22nd: Second Christmas - Some things are just way too awesome to only do once. What’s your character choosing to do twice when they’re not supposed to and what are the consequences of doing so gonna be? Maybe they’re able to do something twice thanks to time travel. I bet that would cause some massive problem. It’s happened in every time travel movie ever made. Seriously! (200 words)
September 23rd: Don’t Be A Jerk! - Eating a certain food has caused something bad to happen. Does the person who ate it feel okay? Are they acting unusual? (100 words)
September 24th: STIRWHIPSTIRWHIPWHIPWHIPSTIR! - A certain character or two (any amount) should have arrived by now. They were supposed to, anyway. What’s keeping them? Are the other characters gonna do anything about it? (300 words)
September 25th: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - One or more of your characters can say there’s no such thing as the thing they happen to not believe in, but as for the characters who disagree with them, they believe. Sing it, Grandpa! Write an excerpt where someone believes something and somebody else doesn’t. (200 words)
September 26th: I've got the Tardis scanning the sewers for non-terrestrial life signals. - Apparently the episode this prompt came from is the only Doctor Who episode to premiere in 2019. That’s pretty odd. The prompt is there is only one of something when it doesn’t seem like there should be. (100 words)
September 27th: It’s a Christmas-themed movie snack. - You know what’s not good? When people make the wrong decision, especially when the fact it’s wrong is obvious. What incorrect choice has your character made? Also, Ted from How I Met Your Mother goes to a movie theater to see It’s A Wonderful Life in the episode this prompt is based on, so that totally counts as It’s A Wonderful Life getting a prompt. Ooh! I know. If you want, the character’s bad decision can be wishing they were never born (or some other wish that changes a lot of things). (300 words)
September 28th: YOU CAN’T BREAK A CHRISTMAS PROMISE! - What are you gonna do?! I don’t know! What I do know is what today’s prompt is. There is something your character MUST do whether they want to or not. If they fail, there will be a very severe punishment. (200 words)
September 29th: Reggae Potato - Don’t you hate it when you’re singing an absolute masterpiece of a Christmas song but then your head spontaneously catches on fire for the third time that day? I HATE when they happens! The prompt today is one character had something important to do but can’t, so at least one other character has to fill in. Are they up to the task? (300 words)
September 30th: I’m back from the dead. Never can I die. One of your characters has a very impressive ability or talent. (200 words)
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Karamba Casino 20 free spins bonus upon registration!

Karamba Casino 20 free spins bonus upon registration!

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A fine mobile app

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Overview of the website

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Where are Karamba’s Headquarters & what license does it have?

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Background to the legal changes you are seeing

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Payment Services

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Customer Support

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Ride Along as I Build a Profitable Business From Scratch Part 2: Viral Facebook Community Growth

Hey All,
This is a continuation and update of my previous post. If you haven’t seen that yet you can check it out here:
The TL;DR of it, I’m documenting creating a profitable business from scratch so others can learn along with my journey. I did a basic S.W.O.T analysis and picked the niche of “unicorn” along with creating an MVP blog.
Let’s start with a big win! My metrics massively improved:

Week 1 Goals

I received some amazing feedback from the last post I made and I wanted to incorporate some of that feedback into this next week's goals. Moving forward on week 1 I have set these goals:

Creating My Digital Foundation

With a base of blog content completed and feeling like I can actually create a profitable niche, I’ve decided next to move into creating a strong foundation. The first thing I did was use to get my brand name protected.The last thing I need is to be talking about this online and have someone swoop in and grab my trademark. That would be a dick move. Therefore I took the precaution of going through that process. (actually, I did that before I even posted my first post)
I’ve also been recording my day to day operation using Gary Vaynerchuk's method of documenting over creating. I decided to do this because I know what tasks need to be completed at the moment. But looking back a week later at what I’ve accomplished and my thought process, I lose a lot of data points that help me make micro-decisions. As I record the day today, it will allow others to follow along a bit more closely.Once I had that process going, I started building my social media foundation.

Social Media

My background is in social media consulting. I’ve learned that focusing on a single platform or two and doing it well is better than spreading yourself thin. So for this market, which my initial guess is going to be prodementaly millennial females, I’ve decided the two social media I'll be working on are Pinterest + Facebook.
I’m picking Pinterest since their entire user base is millennial females and Facebook since Facebook advertising is so powerful (and the platform I know the best.)

First Day Results:

Watch the loom walkthrough here: created the Facebook business profile, put up a simple banner that grabs attention, and shared my blog articles. I also went onto Pinterest and found the top “unicorn memes” and shareable content.I posted the first one and boosted the post with $10 over 4 days. I put the targeting as USA only, Age 23-39 male & female, interest in unicorns. Giving me a rather huge target demographic but that is 100% okay by me.
One of the top techniques I use on new Facebook pages is to invite people who react to your posts to like your page. This trick works up to 100k likes and will give me a nice base of users to promote to.
I’ve consistently found this to generate cheaper results then a Facebook likes campaign.I also ran a “Facebook Likes” ad for $5 to show you all the difference between the two for results.
At the end of the first day, I had 70+ Facebook likes from these two marketing campaigns.
The lesson learned from this test is that sharable meme-able content is a much better way of building your audience then running Facebook ads for likes.

Day 2: Creating Share-Worthy Content

Watch the loom walkthrough here: created more meme-able content and boosted the results. I also downloaded a chrome plug-in that will automatically run through the posts and invite people to like my page. I’m a huge fan of using tools and automation to take over repetitive tasks on social media.I signed up for a free account with Mailchimp to start building my email marketing list. Adding a simple newsletter sign up to the website.Typically a newsletter signs up form with no opt-in isn’t going to collect a lot of emails. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to offer in exchange for the email address. I was debating creating an ebook around unicorns but there are two downsides to this method.
  1. Creating an ebook is a lot of work due to having to either pay my writer or write the whole thing myself
  2. It may not be ideal for collecting emails as it may not convert.
I left the sidebar sign up for now and decided to come back to it later.

Day 3: Email List Building

Watch the loom walkthrough here:
I got a great idea for what to do with email marketing. I decided to build a quiz that will collect email addresses for me. Quizzes and interactive content is a great way to build an email list as it is more “fun” then just signing up for an ebook. Think about all those Buzzfeed quizzes that are “what type of vegetable are you?”This quiz will be “what type of Unicorn are you?” Luckily I have a lifetime subscription to that I got for reviewing it a few years ago. It’s a great tool and free is the best price for me!The quiz only has a few questions, but I’ve outlined 12 different unicorns as answers based on the zodiac signs. I can use this information (zodiac sign) to run unique Facebook ad campaigns for birthday offers.
From there it was simply writing up a quick little ditty about each of the unicorns. Then hooking up my email marketing service (Mailchimp) to this tool.
There was an option to make it mandatory to give an email address before seeing the results of the quiz. I choose not to do this because there will be a high unsubscribe rate after the first email if I do that. This means that those who do subscribe are much more engaged.Interact allows the quiz to be a pop up on the website, which I absolutely love. Allowing me to potentially capture all website traffic But I wanted to test if cold traffic from social media will convert better.I copied the quiz and promoted the copy on social media. After 60+ people and 0 leads, I got my answer.
Compare this to the pop-up on the website which ended up generating me around 10-15 email subscribers a day!
So by the end of day 3, I have my Facebook page growing nicely, my email list growing by ~15 new emails a day.
I also launched a blog article that was generating around 1800 impressions with a 10th page ranking in Google webmasters tools. “What is a Unicorn With Wings Called”Promoting it on social media and in some Facebook groups lead to very interesting results.I bet people didn’t know the name, and when they got it wrong, they got very angry and wanted to argue. Who would have thought people like to argue over the internet about meaningless fictional details.
Turns out this is really great for generating engagement and the algorithm was very happy.

Day 4: Making the Internet Angry For Traffic

Today I saw a huge spike in traffic appear in my Google analytics dashboard due to launching the article yesterday on Facebook. People angrily arguing about Unicorns is great for jacking engagement and traffic.
This is really great for sure but the traffic spike did showcase a few problems that I need to address.
While I’m capturing attention, that attention isn’t staying on the site very long.
I mentioned in my previous post these same insights and my thoughts behind why this might be the case. As a recap
  1. The website isn’t thin in content. There isn’t that much content (10 articles)
  2. The website isn’t optimized well. Design is sub-par and the website doesn’t load fast
  3. SEO traffic is looking for specific information and they have no reason to explore further.
Therefore I wanted to address one of the problems I was seeing. The website design is sub-par and not optimized for mobile. Here is what I did:
My rationale being that site speed and load time will be the main cause of high bounce rate and low time on site. Also, these two factors are pivotal to long term success of ranking in Google so it doesn’t hurt to fix early on.
Additionally as u/T0Bii “Make your page have SSL/TSL aka HTTPS with the little small green lock. This helps your SEO, takes 5mins to set up (or less) and tbh makes it more credible.
Because a page that looks like this is just not credible for me.”
Which I fully agree with.
Between the content promotion and the fixes to the site, my 4 main metrics have massively increased on my site.

Day 5, 6 &7: Day's Blurring Together

Since this is a side project I haven’t been able to dedicate much time each of these days to the project. So I’ll roll all of them together into one section.I’ve been testing more memable sharable content and inviting reactions to like. My end of the week results is great. My total likes on the new Facebook page is over 1k in the first week and pushing towards 2k already.
Bonus points u/Gallowboob found out about what I’m doing and threw me alike. Love him or hate him, it’s always good when a massive influencer sees what you are doing. Here is hope he shitposts my content.
I’ve worked on generating backlinks to the site using H.A.R.O. H.A.R.O stand for help a reporter out and is one of the best ways to get organic links to your site by answering requests of reporters. Best of all it’s free.
I’ve started building out my first few products and market testing various copy based on what sharable content is performing the best.

TL;DR & Final Thoughts:

This post is getting really long so I’ll keep this brief.
I have no experience selling e-commerce merchandise so any insights or experience is welcome.Thanks, and hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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A site is known for its great highlights. We label it best on the off chance that it will in general have a decent beginning, gifting an inviting reward to the clients. We suggest for an extraordinary encounter. You will truly discover the huge joy in the web-based wagering style of this website. Then again, free wagers and an enormous store reward will make you fall insane for the site.
M8BET likewise arranges terrific b-ball and football versatile occasions. The broad associations are quite intriguing for punters. These days, it has become the new essence of sports supported up by current innovation. Presently, gear up for an unprecedented involvement with Sportsbook Singapore. You can have this ensured fun only a tick away. Your fingers know the enchantment of internet wagering. To summarize, so give them a possibility and crash into the Singaporean pool of sportsbooks.
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Online casinos are exquisitely building up the heritage in Singapore. Since the dispatch, they are drawing in players. The respectable sites are overwhelming the online gambling clubs in Singapore. The sprinkle in gambling clubs is reinforcement by current innovation. The players no more need to move to scenes for betting. The mission of players is currently satisfied with the safe place of their homes. The online club administrators are tenderly pushing the new field of betting in Singapore. Most importantly, appealing advancements are amazingly valuable to stick players to their sites.
Casino Online Singapore
The online club is drawing in major parts in mass each day. The free twists are the most sparkling component for players. New players are charged through extra rewards and advancements. Gigantic limits are served on their plates. Customary players likewise get fulfillment with plentiful chances. The pattern is determined to fire and players are truly appreciating the new games. The most well known loveable rounds of all occasions are as per the following:
Live Casino
You can appreciate different table games in live gambling clubs. The games are very intriguing in live gambling clubs. An amazing experience is served to the players. You can play with the overall players. You can extend your lively wings in the online gambling club Singapore.
The blackjack game is tremendously moving in the online club in Singapore. Then again, this game is straightforward and involves the player's and vendors' hands. The extra adjusts are simply route astounding in blackjack. You should take a stab at blackjack. It can make you win gigantic prizes through the online gambling club games.
Online Slots
The blend of openings includes more fun in online gambling clubs in Singapore. You can win immense prizes like bonanza and mean your rewards. The standard online space games are uncovering in an invigorating manner to the players. The systems of the game must be perceived before the start of the game. Notwithstanding, these are paths simple to play and unwind in opening games.
The most famous generally acclaimed online club game is roulette. The red and dark wheels are sufficient to make you insane in the game. You need to wager between 1 to 26 and see your predetermination evolving. This ageless roulette game comes full circle in various varieties. The game shows up with unique multipliers.
Poker is an unequaled most loved club game in virtual betting in Singapore. In any case, amateurs can think that it is somewhat troublesome than different games. Along these lines, you are encouraged to experience a guide before for a superior gaming experience. Poker is perceived worldwide. Thus, appreciate the no-nonsense poker game in your span.
Highlights in Online Casino
The novices push forward with rewards and advancements. Positively, standard players need more exceptional highlights to keep playing on a similar site. The accompanying highlights can add quality to your site and draw in a large number of new players:
  • First deposit bonus
  • Live casino welcome bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • Slots welcome bonus
  • Sportsbook welcome bonus
Such a select highlights plan for your relieving experience.
Forward leap with marvelous ongoing interaction involvement with Get passed up the online space games in online gambling clubs. To summarize play today and experience the best online club in Singapore.
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Discover Online Casino Singapore

Discover Online Casino Singapore
Live gambling clubs are quite energizing. It even goes past one's creative mind. The most exciting part is that the online gambling club works at your will. You can be in the safe place of your screen and wagering on the screen. Isn't it way intriguing? Indeed, we presented to you the astounding live gambling club games in your home.
Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and online slots are broadly famous in gambling club games in Singapore. The nation has become the neo center of digitalized gambling clubs around the world. In the wagering game, there are commonly two hands. One player hand and another seller's hand. The games are adaptable and simple to play. They have been uncommonly evolved keeping in see the prerequisites of players. A large number of players are enrolling every day in Singapore online club.
Online Casino Singapore Arrival
The coming of the online club has changed the substance of customary club in the betting scene. The amazing table games are brimming with exceptional highlights that empower players to invest quality energy. Their experience and colossal joy are frequently reflected. The developing prominence is the declaration of the way that online clubs have brought insurgency through innovation. The helpful methodology gives players a real encounter. The games mix sparkle in players. The interactivity is installed with wonderful highlights like affecting soundtrack, subject, and designs.
Highlights in Online Casino
The virtual wagering world has various advantages for players. The online club is overwhelming the betting scene more than ever.
Welcome Bonus: Almost all destinations show up with an inviting reward. Singaporean locales additionally offer advancements and limits.
Multi-cash Availability: There are different money choices. You can have any better arrangements.
Legitimateness: Singaporean locales think of a permit. You should check the legitimateness of the site before joining.
Different Games: The various games are accessible by resulting game suppliers. The individual locales speak to various space games.
Free Spins: You can split free twists too. Different sites offer you moving free twists. They make the game all the more exciting.
High Payout: The payout is commonly high. You can undoubtedly store and begin messing around. The rewards can be as enormous as greater reformist bonanzas.
Client Services
The client service is instinctive. An autonomous client care base is given. Likewise, a live visit choice is accessible to oblige the necessities of the client.
The payout is additionally made in Singapore dollars. There are heaps of bonanzas in the virtual gambling club. Numerous installment choices increment the solace and simplicity of players. Nonetheless, web-based betting isn't legitimate in Singapore. Albeit, the online club has a permit to do their business. The betting scene will fill fun, fervor, and diversion in your lives.
Asia is looking at extraordinary opening games in wagering. Singapore is thinking of new space improvement. Software engineers are growing new space games. The particular online club comes full circle in haphazardness and a mix of games. There are abundant open doors in the game to bring in genuine cash. The players can make insane at bonanzas. Go with the evaluations, and surveys before joining. The legitimate site presents huge satisfaction in an ongoing interaction. Appreciate reliable online club Singapore.
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Spinit Casino 21 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus (Register Now)

Spinit Casino 21 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus (Register Now)

SpinIt Casino Exclusive Bonus
Get 21 Free Spins Bonus to SpinIt Casino! It's exclusive promotion without a deposit. Also, get a 100% match bonus and 200 free spins on first deposit.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

Spinit Online Casino Review

Truly incredible entertainment value! Spinit was created by visionaries in the online casino industry. The brilliance of this online casino is evident in its user-friendly interface, amazing slots, and innovative technology. You can enjoy incredible entertainment whether you’re on the go, or enjoying PC-based gaming. The multivendor gaming platform has been expertly crafted to meet your needs. This online casino may be the new kid on the block, but the brains trust behind it has many years of experience in the online gaming industry. First of all, it is owned and operated by Genesis Global Limited – the same guys who brought you the award-winning Casino Cruise.
The casino is regulated and casino licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) with license #MGA/CL1/1150/2015. It is also fully regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) with license #000-045235-R-324169-001. Spinit casino runs a multivendor platform with the world’s most popular operators. These include Net Entertainment, NYX, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Play ‘n Go, and Lucky Streak. Combined, players have access to an impressive range of games, with 1200+ attractions and 200+ mobile casino games. is unique in that this online casino allows you to practice most of the games for free, no download or registration required. The progressive jackpot games and the live casino games are available in a real money mode only – the rest can be enjoyed direct off your browser. The benefit of playing for free is that you get to sample all the available games at zero risks. And if you decide to deposit some real money, you might be pleasantly surprised: due to the rich variety of currencies available for deposit, Spinit is definitely a good choice for those who want to spend some CHF, HRK, HUF, KRW, and CZK in online casinos, not just settle for EUR or USD.
Spinit was crafted with mobile casino players in mind. That being said, you can enjoy an incredible mobile casino experience on iOS or Android devices. This online casino plays smoothly across all devices – iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Thanks to rich audio-visual capabilities the games certainly don’t disappoint.
The signature bonus is a 100% welcome package up to $200 + 200 free spins. Simply register at this online casino to claim your bonus package!
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

Casino Slots

The online slots games at Spinit include video slots, classic slots, and progressive jackpot slots. There are hundreds of top-tier slots games available, such as Hugo, Starburst, 7 Sins, Thunderstruck 2, Lights, Superman, Secrets of Christmas, Troll Hunters, Holiday Season, Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood, Gift Shop, Mystery Joker, Triple Magic, Mega Moolah, Fruit Bonanza, Treasure Nile, Wow Pot, Mega Fortune, Lots a Loot and more. The slots games form the bulk of the casino games at Spinit for mobile and PC players. Thanks to the multi-vendor platform, you can enjoy the best of the best wherever you go. The slots games are packed with wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds, free spins, features and rich prizes. The progressive jackpot slots such as Major Millions, Mega Fortune, Cosmic Fortune, and Treasure Nile offer life-changing jackpots for players. Watch out for the interactive video slots – these games are incredible.

Casino Games

Luckily, there are many different categories of games available at These include a terrific mix of skill-based games and chance-based games. Besides slots, there are live casino games, table games, video poker games, other games, and even scratch cards. Thanks to Microgaming, Net Entertainment and Evolution Gaming you’ve got 3 of the biggest software providers in , the world offering you casino games. The live casino games are particularly impressive. There are dozens of them available, including Immersive Roulette, Blackjack Party, Auto Roulette, Roulette Dragonara, Blackjack Platinum VIP, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Ultimate Texas Holdem. These games stream from secure facilities with real dealers, in real-time. The games are available in a real-money mode only, and betting options are available for low rollers and high rollers. Video poker games are equally popular and they are fashioned off the traditional 5-card draw. Video poker games include Jackpot Poker, Jacks or Better Double Up, All Aces Poker, Aces and Faces Power Poker.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

There are many reputable banking options available to players at Spinit. These include Visa Electron, Visa, EcoCard, Neteller, Sofort, Paysafecard, Entropay, Giropay, Skrill, MasterCard, Maestro, Trustly, Simply and others. Popular payment methods such as Euteller, Visa, MasterCard, and others have a minimum withdrawal amount of £10 and a maximum withdrawal amount of £5,000. Most deposit methods offer instant money transfers, but bank transfers or Trustly can take up to 5 business days. All deposits are guaranteed secure, courtesy of SSL technology and the highest encryption protocols. All payment methods at the casino, are PCI compliant and meet with PCI standards. We put Spinit to the test with deposits and withdrawals, and Spinit passed with flying colors.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Everything about this online casino is energy infused. The bonuses and promotional offers are no different. Spinit runs a unique algorithm that monitors the games that you enjoy playing for real money and then tailors promotional offers to your needs. The featured promotion is a 100% welcome bonus up to $200 +200 free spins. This is for new players only, and its among the best in the business. Other promotional offers include the £1,000 welcome package + 200 free spins. This promotional offer is also for new players and it rewards you over the course of your first 4 deposits. The 200 free spins will be allocated to players in increments of 20 free spins per day for 10 days. The free spins are for use on the exciting slots game known as Starburst. Free spins are offered at 12 PM GMT and valid for 24 hours only. The 4-deposit promo is made up as follows:
  • Make Your First Deposit —> Claim a Maximum Bonus of £200 —> Enjoy a 100% Match +200 Free Spins Offer
  • Make Your Second Deposit —> Enjoy a Maximum Bonus of £200 —> Claim a 50% Match Bonus
  • Make Your Third Deposit —> Enjoy a Maximum Bonus of £300 —> Claim a 25% Match Bonus
  • Make Your Fourth Deposit —> Enjoy a £300 Maximum Bonus —> Enjoy a 25% Match Bonus
    Other promotional offers include Never Miss a Free Spin! This one is a great way for you to be kept in the loop. Players will receive email offers of the latest bonuses, free spins on new games, exclusive rewards and so much more. The Spinner’s Choice offers a free spin trial and reload bonus on the game of the week on Wednesdays. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the latest offers from this casino. We Love Mondays! is a great way to boost your bankroll with a 25% reload bonus up to £100 every Monday. The bonus terms and conditions state that you must wager x 40 the bonus before it will be converted to your real money balance. The minimum deposit for any first deposit offer is £20 or the equivalent of $20 in other currencies.
Spinit also offers players an exciting VIP Club. When you spin your way, you get to enjoy many exciting VIP benefits. These include personal cashback offers, premium-quality customer support, a maximum of 12-hour response times to your queries, personalized email assistance, and a generous birthday bonus. On weekends, there are exclusive promotions available to you, and players also get to enjoy special gifts and anniversary gifts. Exclusive bonus plans and cashback are also available with the VIP Club. One of the biggest benefits of being a VIP is access to the monthly prize draw. All VIP spinners will be eligible for a mega prize.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

Overall Experience

Spinit has quickly become the go-to destination for online casino players. The gaming and technical teams that built this online casino have many years of experience in the industry. It shows in the multivendor gaming platform, excellent customer support, and tailored promotional offers. With 1200+ online casino games to enjoy and 200+ mobile casino games, you’re never wanting for top-tier entertainment. We were particularly impressed by the AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm. It provides players with customized promotions based on their style of play. This is unheard of in the online gaming industry, and Spinit has perfected it.
The welcome bonus package – 100% bonus up to $200 +200 free spins – is best in class, and you will not be disappointed with it. All gaming outcomes are certified random, courtesy of eCOGRA Safe and Fair, and this online casino is fully regulated by the MGA and the UKGC. You can rest assured that only players from regulated jurisdictions are allowed to play, and no underage gambling is permitted. is the sister site of the world-famous, and that means one thing: maximum credibility. Massive game variety, coupled with an incredible selection of promotions makes for a world-class gaming experience.
After careful consideration of customer service, games, platform, mobile functionality, and promotions we fully endorse Spinit as a great place to enjoy online casino games.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<
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Freaky Aces Casino 50 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Code

Freaky Aces Casino 50 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Code

Freaky Aces Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Register at Freaky Aces Casino now and get 50 No Deposit Free Spins! Our exclusive promotion is available for new customers only. Click on the link below and create your account with code: 50FRNS to qualify. Good luck!
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Freaky Aces Casino Review

Freaky Aces is a new casino just launched in 2017 by HighWeb Ventures N.V. This site is licensed in Curacao and all the games here are thoroughly tested by iTechlabs to ensure absolute fairness and randomness of results. Freaky aces offers players a choice of slot games, table games, live dealer casino games, video poker and arcade style games.There are also a number of progressive jackpot titles here with huge ever-increasing jackpots. The site is modern in appearance with a cartoon style featuring bold and colourful graphics.
The top menu at Freaky Aces gives access to tabs for the casino, ‘Vegas’ slots section, games, live casino, promotions and support. The main homepage also boasts of the site’s welcome offer which gives new players a 200% welcome bonus worth up to €200 in casino credits. New live casino players can also expect a 50% welcome bonus. There is much talk of how ‘crazy’ the site is on the homepage with the emphasis on fun and excitement. A range of fruity characters appear on all pages, including the mischievous orange, apple and lemon.
Along the bottom of the website you will find the technical information, such as the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Navigation is easy here with many submenus within the site offering information on all aspects of play here, from banking options to customer support.

New Players Get 200% Extra

Newcomers arriving on the scene at Freaky Aces will be able to enjoy the opening offer of 200% extra on top of 1stdeposits. This bonus gives you up to €200 in casino credits. This gives you the chance to play the slot games with tripled the cash from your deposit. The maximum deposit you can make to take advantage of the 200% bonus is €100. The wagering requirement here is 30x your gaming amount. After this, there is a 50% bonus available in the live casino worth up to €50 when you make your first deposit there.
It is important to note that some slot games only contribute 70% to the wagering requirement. These seem to include many of the famous NetEnt video slots. So it is vital to check the small print before deciding which slots to play with your bonus cash. Some of the slots that only count 70% towards the wagering requirement include: Blood Suckers, Eggomatic, Twin Spin, Starburst and Reel Rush.
Another promotion mentioned on the promo page at Freaky Aces is the video slots progressive jackpots. With these you can win potentially life-changing amounts from the progressive slots, including Mega Moolah and Major Millions.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

Freaky Aces Casino Slots from NetEnt

The software at Freaky Aces is provided by some top developers, including NetEnt. This means you will be able to find somefamous games here, such as Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest and Jack Hammer. Some other popular slot games at this site include cloud Tales, Cherry Trio, Robo Smash, Forest Mania, The Best Witch, Spooky Family, Victorious, Twin Spin, Mythic Maiden, Zombies and Dead or Alive.
For table game players there is plenty of choice with various versions of Roulette and Blackjack, including Roulette Advanced, Roulette Low limit, Roulette High Limit, French Roulette, Single Deck Blackjack, High Limit and Low Limit Blackjack Pro Series and Blackjack Classic. Baccarat is also available here, along with PuntoBanco, Texas Holdem, and various video poker titles such as Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild and Joker Wild.
The live dealer casino is an important part of the site, not least because this section has its own welcome bonus for new players. You can claim 50% extra up to €50 when you make a deposit and play in the live casino for the first time. The live casino also has its own tab from the main menu. Here you can find many different tables for blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker, each with your choice of betting limit.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

Freaky Aces Casino Support by Email and Live Chat

Customers at Freaky Aces can get in touch with the support team by heading to the suport tab on the top menu. From here there are various options, including the live chat box or email support. You can also access live chat help form the box to the left of the screen, which h is available across the whole site. Check the FAQ for further details about gaming at Freak Aces. Here you can see that the working hours for the live chat team are Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm. If you need help from the team at the weekend or outside of these working hours, you need to send an email.

Limited withdrawal options at Freaky Aces

Banking methods at Freaky Aces can be seen on the Banking page, while more details can also be found in the FAQ section of the support page. The minimum deposit at the site is €10 and the minimum withdrawal is €25. Only Neteller, Skrill and Bank Transfer can be used to make a withdrawal. Deposits, however, can be made using a wide variety of different methods, including: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Cubits, EcoCard, Paysafe Card, Zimpler, GiroPay, NeoSurf, QiWi wallet, Safety Pay, and Multi Banko. Freaky Aces uses 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (256-bit SSL) encryption technology to ensure the highest security for players’ financial and personal details.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<

A Casino with a Few Limitations

Freaky Aces has a good range games for players and the slots collection is especially good with top titles here from popular software provider NetEnt. The promotion for new players gives 200% extra though other promotions are limited to the live dealer casino bonus of 50%. No other offers are mentioned.
The banking is good for deposit choice but lacking in withdrawal options, while customer support does not include a phone number and live chat is out of bounds at the weekend. Overall Freaky Aces is a fresh and great looking site but there are a few limiting qualities and a lack of promotions that might make some players think twice.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<
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Leo Vegas Canada 200 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead

Leo Vegas Canada 200 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead

Leo Vegas Canada Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Join Leo Vegas Canada Casino today and receive 50 free spins no deposit required. Next, get a 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus plus 150 Cash Free Spins on Book of Dead of Wolf Gold! So, there's 200 free spins bonus up for grabs! Exclusive Promotion!
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<


Leo Vegas is one of the world’s leading gambling sites, being named Online Casino of the Year at the 2019 Global Gaming Awards. Its site offers over 1,000 real money games to Canadians, with more than 200 being available to play for free.
Another major draw to Leo Vegas is its impressive mobile site, with the online casino also picking up the prize for 2019 Mobile Operator of the Year. So, you are guaranteed a great gaming experience on whatever platform you choose to play on.
Our Leo Vegas review will go into further detail on the above. Plus, we’ll evaluate everything else from its banking options to customer support facilities. We’ll also go through the welcome bonus and other promotions, such as taking advantage of 50 free spins at Leo Vegas.

Leo Vegas Canada Sports Betting

Like many top casinos, Leo Vegas also offers sports betting and a unique welcome bonus. You’ll have to head over to the brand’s sportsbook to enjoy this feature.
Here you’ll find a good selection of prematch and live bets on top sports such as:
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Canada Casino Games

Leo Vegas serves up an impressive amount of 2,000+ slots and table games. You’ll also find plenty of glamorous live dealer games at this site.
Although Leo Vegas tends to foreground its slots games, there’s enough variation in its table games to keep things interesting.

Leo Vegas Slots

Leo Vegas features all of the biggest slot games currently on the market.
Here are some of the most popular titles you can play:
Book of Dead - Join Rich Wilde as he enters the ancient Egyptian underworld in this top Play ’n Go slot game
Mega Moolah - Microgaming’s legendary Mega Moolah is one of the most lucrative slots games in the world
Starburst - Few slots games match the color and excitement of Microgaming’s Starburst
Sakura Fortune - Quickspin’s Sakura Fortune balances cherry blossoms, evil emperors and some massive winning
Reactoonz - If cute aliens and big wins are your thing, you’ll need to take a spin on Reactoonz
Immortal Romance - Try a slot game with a Gothic twist by playing Microgaming’s iconic Immortal Romance
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Canada Table Games

You’ll find all of the most popular casino card games at Leo Vegas. Alongside plenty of variants for blackjack and poker, you’ll also enjoy plenty of roulette games here:
There are 34 table games at Leo Vegas. Here are our favourites:
Roulette - Spin the wheel on one of the most classic casino games
Blackjack - Aim for 21 but don’t go bust on this centuries-old card game
Hold ‘em poker - Play the world’s favourite poker variant at Leo Vegas
Caribbean stud poker - Beat the house rather than other players with Caribbean stud poker
Baccarat - Also known as ‘Punto Banco’, baccarat is a card game that’s easy to understand and tricky to master

Leo Vegas CanadaLive Dealer Games

Leo Vegas offers a top quality live dealer section. There are no less than 31 blackjack variants here, as well as 47 different ways to play roulette.
Here are some of the best live dealer games courtesy of Evolution Gaming:
Live Blackjack - Beat the real-life dealer while hunting down that elusive ’21’
Live Roulette - Take on other gamers in luxurious real-time roulette tournaments
Live Baccarat - Enjoy video streamed contests for this classic card game
Live Dragon Tiger - Try Evolution Gaming’s live casino take on this fun two-card version of baccarat
Andar Bahar Live - Also known as ’Katti’, this Indian card game gives you a 50% of having a winning hand.
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Canada Bonuses & Promotions

There are plenty of Leo Vegas free spins promotions for new and existing customers.

Welcome Bonus

You can get 22 free spins on Leo Vegas by signing up to this site. By making your deposits, you could get an extra 100 slots spins, and have your deposits matched up to C$1,000.
No bonus code is necessary for this special offer. Just remember that the promotion has 10x wagering conditions that must be fulfilled within 30 days.


Leo Vegas also has a $1000 deposit bonus offer for their live casino, and a $300 sign up deal for their sportsbook. There are no further casino deals, but there are five good sports promotions to be aware of. These include profit boosts, weekly free bets and special accumulator bonuses.

Leo Vegas Canada VIP & Extras

Leo Vegas promises to give you a royal VIP experience. You can enter its VIP scheme by heading into your account section, and clicking on ‘Yes’ to receive communication from the brand.
Once you have done this, each real money bet you make will see your VIP progress bar filling up. After your progress bar has reached a certain level, you will be entered into monthly prize draws. Here are some of the other perks you could get from becoming a Leo Vegas VIP.
  • Invites to exclusive events
  • Personal account managers
  • Special birthday rewards
  • Unique payment and withdrawal service
  • Exclusive Roaring Reward bonuses
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Canada Casino Mobile

Being named 2019 Mobile Operator of the Year, there is no better gambling experience on your smartphone or tablet than at Leo Vegas.

Mobile Compatibility

Whether you’re on an Android or iOS device, you’ll get a quality mobile gaming experience at this online casino. Even if you’re on a BlackBerry, you’ll get the same level of service.

Mobile Games

Leo Vegas features games from renowned brands like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. This means that you’ll enjoy the same level of gaming quality regardless of which device you’re playing on.
While there is a Leo Vegas app, you don’t need to download this to access all the casino games.

Leo Vegas Casino Banking

Making deposits is easy at Leo Vegas too. You’re able to add money to your account with a credit card, prepaid card or via online banking. Deposits can be made from a minimum of $10 at a time.
Here are the Leo Vegas deposit methods:
  • Visa / MasterCard
  • iDebit
  • InstaDebit
  • Paysafecard
  • MuchBetter
  • Interac
Withdrawals should be carried out within five working days. Bear in mind that some Canadian banks won’t accept funds from online casinos. But you can get around this by using iDebit or InstaDebit for your withdrawals.
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Casino Software

You’ll get access to games from some of the biggest developers around at Leo Vegas. Here are some of the top brands featured at this online casino:
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play n’ Go
  • Quickspin
  • Yggdrasil
There is an option for downloading gaming software. But most customers will be happy playing direct from their browser. This is because all games are quick to load and look great thanks to the HD graphics.
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Canada Customer Support

Leo Vegas offers a quality customer service experience. This is because it features 24/7 support via live chat or email. There is also an excellent Help Center that is packed with useful articles regarding deposits, bonuses, withdrawals etc.
You can contact the Leo Vegas team around the clock via their email address, phone hotline, or by sending a message through the site.
  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat and email
  • Help Center

Leo Vegas Certification

You should feel very well taken care of at Leo Vegas. This is because it is a fully regulated site that has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. The online casino is also eCOGRA certified and has won multiple EGR Operator Awards.

Our Verdict

Leo Vegas offers Canadian customers a casino gaming service that’s fun, quick, and legitimate. There’s a great variety of games from top developers here, and these are all mobile-friendly.
All in all, an excellent site on mobile and desktop that’s on par with Canada’s top online casinos.
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Now <<
submitted by freespins1 to u/freespins1 [link] [comments] Bingo Hearts - Welcome Bonus Walk-through ... Safest Betting Sites - YouTube Csgo Gambling Sites With Free Daily Bonus - YouTube Free Bets No Deposit Strategy The Best No Deposit And Deposit Casino Welcome Bonuses To ...

Whether you want to bet on football, boxing or Formula 1, there’s a welcome bonus out there for you. But with such a vast choice, knowing which welcome bonus is right for you can be a little confusing. To help you out, we’ve got the rundown on everything you need to know about welcome bonuses at sports betting sites. Types of welcome bonus Best Sports Betting Sites for Bonuses and Rewards One of the core differences between online and offline sportsbooks are the bonuses and rewards. You can get hundreds of dollars in free bets, deposit bonuses, rebates, and VIP programs simply by choosing to bet online. 888Sport is one of the most popular betting sites on the market, and has been operating in the world of sports betting since 2010. Offering a Free Bet Welcome Bonus to new customers who deposit £10, all you have to do is bet £10 to receive this offer. Betting sites can also run promotions as a welcome offer, giving punters the opportunity to sign up and claim a different - and sometimes more lucrative - betting offer than the usual welcome bonus. A common type of betting promotion is enhanced odds, which could be on an upcoming horse race, football match, or boxing fight. The Sports Betting Welcome Bonus That Comes with a Promotion Apart from the single-handed goodies you may claim, there are more treats to take as part of a sports betting welcome bonus. Known as promotions, the welcome packages usually have to do with the overall offer of the licensed gambling company.

[index] [10628] [29195] [27298] [19980] [14366] [45666] [2295] [7649] [65249] [22574] Bingo Hearts - Welcome Bonus Walk-through ...

Our $50 No Deposit bonus is one of the best offer for Forex traders. All new customers of the company can receive $50 No Deposit bonus and do not even need t... The free bet and green book techniques - Duration: 2:58. Betfair 20,170 views. 2:58. ... Best No Deposit Casino Welcome Bonuses - Top 5 No Deposit Casinos - Duration: 4:45. Players in search of a new mobile casino will be completely swamped by the sheer number of casinos vying for your custom. Promising the world with incredible... Welcome bonus: Your choice of a 15% sports bonus, up to $2,500 (4 time rollover) – OR a 50% sports bonus, up to $300 (10 time rollover) The Ultimate Guide: 95 Online Sports Betting Sites ... Claim your welcome bonus at Bingo Hearts: 1. Click 'Claim Now' on the review page 2. Click 'Join' on Bingo Hearts 3. Enter your registration d...